Let's Talk Headphones/Earbuds

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Let's Talk Headphones/Earbuds

Post by Peanut » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:48 pm

As many of you know I went through the Microsoft Zune "thing". Trying the alternative (to the iPod) music player. I really liked the headphones that came with the Zune. They were actually the ear buds but the sound was very very good. What made them extra special (don't laugh) is the magnet that held them together without getting tangled when not in your ears. That was so obvious and remarkably cool.

Since the Zune zucked and never held a charge I went to the iPod. I love the iPod interface and the device has performed flawlessly for me. (I have the 80Gb Classic.) The earbuds that come with them ... you know them ... the white ones with the white cord ... well ... they zuck too. Horrible sound quality for such a nice audio device.

I ended up buying $30 set of JVC Marshmallow earbuds from Wally-World. They sound great. Super low base, close-to-perfect-mid-range, and nice treble. I am very pleased with them.

With that said though, I listened to a set of Bose headphones (these are the noise-cancelling ones). WOW! I always knew Bose knew what they were doing with audio and reflective sound but these headphones are something that can't be described.

Does anyone own the over-ear or on-ear Bose headphones? Do you like them for portable player use even though they are not ear buds?

PS - Bose may be expensive but the products don't zuck.
- Peanut/Larry

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Post by GeneSC » Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:57 am

:lol: I have the Bose "on ear" headphones. Will NEVER have anything else!!! When I was playing with our Praise Team at church, we
up-graded to the individual "in ear" monitor system, each musician had
a "mixing console" to mix everything to their liking, but I did not like the earbuds (Shure) that came with it so I ordered the Bose on ear ear phones. I have used them with 'cheap MP3 players, my computer
audio system, cd players etc. I LOVE THEM. :wink:
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Post by Salmoneye » Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:30 am

No way in Hades can I justify the price of Bose anything...

Good sound, yes...Over-hyped and overpriced, ayuh...

For the house I have a set of open-air Sony MDR-24...For the price they are very good...

For when I mow etc, I bought a set of open-air $6 WalMart specials that have no brand on them...They are 1 ¾ inch round and simply suck when used with the included head strap...

Where they shine is when you pop the speakers off the band (I bought them just because they were removable), and insert them in your ear-muffs, or cutting helmet...

Excellent sound and hearing protection at the same time, and you don't have to stick them in your ears...

I do have a set of buds, but they are emergency use only...

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