Tell me about MP3's

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Tell me about MP3's

Post by Ron/PA » Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:02 am

I literally know nothing about these storage devices other than what I hear on the radio and see on the store shelves. I never thought I had an interest in them until just recently I've noticed all the advertisements to download books to an MP3 player and then the interest started to take hold.

How do you download?

Direct to the player or via a computer?

If via computer, can you do this with dialup?

Can you move songs or books off of a player and onto a flash drive or somewhere for storage for later use then put it back later?

Yes I can and will google a lot of this info, but I just wanted some basic starting points from folks that know what it is I'm talking about. :mrgreen:



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Re: Tell me about MP3's

Post by Gerrit » Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:08 pm

You download music or audio books to your computer and transfer them from there to your MP3 player.
You also can convert music of CDs to MP3 and transfer them to your player.

Downloading on dial-up? Yes it works but it takes time. A 3, 4 minute song is something like 5 Mb and that can take an hour to download on dial-up.

Storage can be done on your 'puter's harddisk (you can also play MP3 files on your computer - I do it all the time.)
Like any other file you want to keep, you can transfer it to CD ROMs, memory sticks, external harddisks etc.
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Re: Tell me about MP3's

Post by wfw » Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:52 am

Hi Ron,

I use a program called switch (can be found at convert my cd songs to mp3 format, it works great but there are other programs that will do the same. I also use a program called mp3gain (google mp3gain to find) to equalize the volume of the mp3 songs. both are free programs. I use the drag and drop method to move the songs to my mp3 players. I have a 1gig, a 2 gig and a 4gig player. the first two are inexpensive and the 4gig is a phillips which will also display pictures and videos. Copying mp3 files to a cd needs to be done as a data file, otherwise the program (like nero) will reconvert it back to regular music for a cd player.


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