I posted this on Kl if anyone here is interested

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I posted this on Kl if anyone here is interested

Post by tacon1 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:34 pm

I'm still OK here. I just got power back yesterday after 3 o'clock after being off for 6 days. I was off for 4 and a half days just a couple of weeks ago. Pacific Gas and Electric has decided to shut the electricity off when high winds are forecast in the hopes of preventing their lines from being damaged and causing more fires. The jury is still out on that decision. :(

Shutting off the electricity to millions of people really causes a lot of hardship to many and $$$millions lost to all the businesses. Living in the hills where I'm at leaves me without not only no lights or refrigeration, but no water since I'm on a well. So, no convenience of preserving food or cooking it, can't turn on a tap to get water or shower, not to mention turning on a heater or flushing a toilet.

Also, up here there is little to no cell phone service and when they turn off the power the landline phone service is turned off as well. So, by turning off the power MAY (or not) prevent a possible fire, they also put thousands of us without any means of communication if an emergency should arise. (like a fire!) There is no way for me to call for help! One lady, that lives up here, said at a meeting with these folks that if there would be a wildfire up here, a lot of people will probably die due to these reasons.

Then after the winds die down, they won't turn the power back on until they inspect all the equipment and power lines to see if there was any damage that would need to be repaired before restoration. So 2 days of high winds lead to 5-6 days without power.

Dave Smith
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Re: I posted this on Kl if anyone here is interested

Post by Dave Smith » Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:32 am

Sounds to me like you need a back up generator.
Our power went off yesterday morning about 5:30 am on top of the hill in Western NY.
I fired up our generator at 8:30 am. and the power came back on about 10:am.
Be sure to keep fuel on hand for it.
Dave <*)))><

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Re: I posted this on Kl if anyone here is interested

Post by Patria » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:36 pm

tac, I've been following the news about the fires and think of you every time. I hope things are picking up for you and yours.

Watch out eh!

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